Service - Finance Director

Finance Director, Non-Executive Director (NED) & Critical Friend

A Non-Executive director or critical friend can support your business. Fundamentally ‘outsiders’ to a company, detached from day-to-day operations and valued for objective insight. This creates a very different dynamic and means Zamu can offer a unique perspective towards corporate governance, risk management and succession planning, amongst other areas. NED’s from Zamu are used to balance the skills and experience within a company.

As you grow you may find you need more support than you currently receive You don’t necessarily need a full time Finance Director, Marketing Director, Commercial Director what you really need is a cost-effective resource to help support you.

For example, a Finance Director to help you take control of your own finances, to empower you to understand the implications of business decisions, through our all-round business mentoring. Never let tax drive business decisions, tax supports commercially balanced decisions.

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"Working with Zamu helped me get my business sorted to go forward. I can utilise what resources I want and it means I'm not on my own."
Kristy Goldsmith
Sapphire Consulting