Service - Developing your team

Developing your team

The start is Leadership. Appraise yourself of how you are perceived by your team.

In order to get your team to perform better you need to understand them.

What goals do they have?

What Skills do they have?

What Interests do they have?

Where would they benefit from Training?

How can your company help?

At Zamu we can help get the answers with you

Financial and Accounts

Many people find accounts another language, at Zamu we aim to translate them, so you can understand and use your reports.  This means as well as preparing and submitting relevant returns to HMRC we help you unravel your accounts so you can make good and relevant business decisions to go forward.

Group mentoring and support

Zamu is experienced in delivering group sessions covering many business topics including finance, sales, management leadership and sustainability.  These help delegates to develop their own skills with peer support in an interesting and active environment.  Developing skills so that they can evolve their company into a thriving, ethical and sustainable business.

Sales Training Service

You are great at making your product but selling it, or even harder selling yourselves as the service provider, proves unsuccessful and painful. Zamu have available many ways of helping you to be better at your sales, from one to one mentoring, sitting alongside you as you close a deal, to seminars on sales management.  Zamu has the team to support you or your team develop so that you can grow your business.

Lecturing and Professional Talks

All our team provide lecturing and professional talks, from local businesses just starting up, to large groups of accountants. Zamu like to make these talks interesting, informative and applicable. One of our Directors (Sam) recently represented ATT in London and Birmingham.

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"As a valued member and committee member of the ATT, Samantha represents the leading tax body at a number of national events. Samantha's talks are both captivating and informative for audiences, who always come away wanting to listen to more. She provides complex technical knowledge in a way that audiences can understand and absorb the information presented. Her presentations are highly sought after and thoroughly enjoyable for all."
Rebecca Fuller
Business Development & Marketing Manager, Association of Tax Technicians