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Business Enterprise Analysis

Zamu offer our clients access to Business Enterprise Analysis. Zamu’s expert team can guide you through, saving you time and money and giving you the competitive differentiation to help.

What is an Enterprise Analysis?

An Enterprise Analysis is a highly focused and high value survey that identifies your firm’s capability in critical business areas. Enterprise Analysis are an essential diagnostic tool that cover key areas.

Enterprise Analysis identify your company’s present state of implementation or readiness and focus on those factors that enable progress and those that present barriers. All of the Audits are on-line completed by executives, senior managers and their teams.

Enterprise Analysis are on-line diagnostic tools that identify a business or organisations strengths and weaknesses with reference to a multitude of business issues – see below. The audits are designed by experienced business directors, coaches and consultants. It is their experience that creates the highly focused audit. The audits harness the collective wisdom of senior managers who fill it in online. The audits consist of statements based on ‘best practice’ and identify what the company is doing well and where there are gaps. The gaps may well indicate slow growth, no growth, high cost, high inefficiency and low productivity.

Why Use an Enterprise Analysis?

  • Saves Time
  • Saves Money
  • Reveal Significant and Powerful Information for You
  • Assistance to help you start or continue your business journey
  • Stimulate Discussion for you and your team
  • Assist with Strategic Planning
  • Designed by and feedback provided by experts
  • We are here to help you interpret, assist in the strategic planning and implementation

How Much Does An Enterprise Analysis Cost?

Enterprise Analysis Start at from Free to £50 for the cheapest analysis and go up to £2450 for the more complex involved Audits and feedback reports for example Merger & Acquisition Readiness.

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