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Profit from Sustainability

Conference 8th May 2018

Gary attended the conference at Eden.

“It was a wide selection of speakers who explored the impact on our environment from business and lifestyles.”

It’s not all about tree hugging, but about ways of making better use of what resources we have available, thinking differently to do things in a way that uses less as well as minimising the impact of waste which has to go somewhere.

Speakers included: Christine Coonick from the BRE National Solar Centre discussing the potential in Cornwall, Pat Smith from Bosinver Holiday Cottages who started a campaign in Cornwall “Final Straw – Cornwall” which has now been adopted by other areas sharing the logo and format, Nigel Ponsford – SW Water Business – 150 litres a day of water is used by every individual in the UK – Some parts of the world “survive” on 20 and some use double. It’s very easy in the UK as, just like turning on a light switch, you can turn on a tap and have instant drinkable water for just 1p for 5 ltr. Only 1% of the worlds water supply is useable – that’s a bit sobering

Keynote speakers: John Henry Looney from Sustainable Direction – Being sustainable and working out your long term success strategies, Stefano Pascucci – Transforming business models with Circular Economy: from disruption to co- creation


So, bringing this back to Zamu and “Thinking Differently” what do people say:

“All this mumbo jumbo – I just want to run my business and get the best prices I can”

Ok, so let’s look at this – Profit comes from the margin between what you sell stuff for (Outputs) and how much it cost (Inputs). The challenge is always managing costs and more importantly stability of pricing. By changing how we think we can invest in technology and culture change, reducing consumption to save costs and at the same time becoming a far more resilient business. Value chain mapping was pioneered in the 1950’s. Michael Porter spent over three decades designing frameworks to allow businesses to compete. Sustainability is the goal of any business. Being in business for a long time!

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