About Us

Zamu is more of an ethos – the Why, How and What of business and enterprise.

Zamu is all about the client, whether a business or individual, on how they tick and their aspirations. We look outwards, alongside our clients, to help them reach those aspirations.

A range of Enterprise Analysis tools refine the strengths and development needs of a client and can help to ensure resilient growth into the future reducing exposure to the past

Financial matters are taken care of with Zamu providing the protection of a licenced, regulated accountancy practice that works alongside the business development team.


the Team

Gary Perkin


Sam Perkin

Financial Management, Tax and Accounting FMAAT, ATT

Neil Chamberlain

Enterprise Director MBA (Distinction)

Kirsty Dance

Business Coach, Mentor & Adviser

Emily Perkin



Shaun Walbridge


Our Practice & Ethics

Zamu’s approach enables businesses to maximise their resource both Financial and Business.

Zamu help you to grow, sustain and improve the resilience of your business. We can provide as little or as much support as you want.

Zamu takes an ethical and balanced approach to Business and especially tax, if you are not paying any tax you are not making a profit and you should review if your choices are taking you towards a place where you are getting properly rewarded for your effort. 

Balanced & Ambitious Business


This is often people’s weakest area therefore Zamu help, not just compliance with HMRC but understanding and using your accounts to make the business succeed.

Sales & Marketing

Surprisingly many businesses find although they can do a lot here some areas are harder and Zamu can focus time as a business needs it.

Product & Services

Most of us can do this. Its normally why we start in business. Having someone from the outside looking in can help you with creativity and innovation. A second set of eyes and experience

Zamu believe that using a balanced thought process should become integral to all business decisions. Zamu like to look at goals and plans to achieve success. It would be easy just to use financial targets and measure success just that way.  However, we encourage use of a “balanced scorecard” which looks at financial, customer, employee and innovation angles. 

Zamu encourage and lead by example. Hopefully our mission that if we all take some responsibility for our society and the world in general then we leave the world or at least our bit of it in a better state than we found it. 

The money we pay in tax and our business culture creates the society we all chose to live in. Whether we agree with the current position or not, we all want balanced business and fairness.  Zamu believes we should all practice balanced business, fair business but that we should also make sure that we manage this position so that the business thrives and tax paid is correct and managed.  

Practice Tax Ethics

Zamu works to behave in an ethical way to help businesses to achieve their potential.

Social Responsibility & Environmental Policy

Zamu uses and promotes use of the Triple Bottom Line concept.  That is that every decision influences PEOPLE, PLANET and PROFIT.  As accountants and business experts, we carefully balance the 3 parts before making decisions. 

We have made decisions to manage our carbon footprint. Zamu has decided and calculated our business, personal CO2 footprint and made a choice to invest in a carbon buyback programme planting trees

Zamu have taken some active decisions to improve this and hope jointly to reduce our carbon footprint in the future.

Zamu offer a hands-on approach to resource management. Our Experts have trained through the Green Foundation but have a fundamental belief in the long term need for sustainability in business

Charitable Work

We do support charities not just with financial but also practical support, for example Gary works with Robert Owen Community (now United Response) supporting adults with learning disabilities.  As part of his time commitment to them he organises the Lemon Quay start/ finish as well as management for the annual ROC 5K in Truro city centre.

Neil and Gary both work with Rosalie the Shackleton using the Heritage to Inspire the future. This is a project that will hopefully see Rosalie refurbished, positioned on a permanent site with Visitor Centre and classrooms to use Rosalie as a STEM teaching aid.

Neil and Gary are members of a fundraiser St Mawgan Eccentric Gentleman’s Association. Odd job men and local community fundraisers. Zamu help raise money for Cornish charities and make grants to worthy causes or individuals in need of assistance whether it is labour or money. We have moved piano’s, furniture, sheds and cut grass!

At Zamu we lead by example with our time.