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Get the right balance

Zamu’s has been very busy and has lead Sam to reflect on networking and technology.  Part of Zamu’s ethos is balanced business.

On a Thursday Sam was in London serving on two of the steering groups for the ATT (Association of Taxation Technicians). This gave her a chance to catch up with tax colleagues and talk tax and “real life”. 

On the Friday we were networking at Royal Cornwall Show talking with various people about Zamu what we do and how we can support their business or organisation. 

On Saturday Sam and Gary took the family and introduced the youngest grandchildren to the delights of the show (and the rain).

Recently Sam had an experience where someone was raising some queries that were surprising and not really clear. It was not clear what the queries were adding to the decision-making process.  Sam took some time to meet the client away from their workplace. Over dinner Sam began to understand the client and why the client was thinking their way. Sam understood the clients point of view better and next time they meet this understanding can form an important part of the considerations. It is fact finding 101 but there is a thread.

The common thread through all these events was the chance to talk, share and most importantly connect with people. 

In the car listening to Chris Evans talk about the effect that being attached to technology is having on our brains.  The addictive effect of dopamine being released on our brains when we get a Facebook like.  Sam had never considered the need but on average we check our phones 57 times a day.

The expert talked about how our brains can really only focus on one thing in full and to be “present” in our real worlds we needed to learn to manage our technology. 

All of this could be classified as networking, but really its just being human and maybe we should do more away from technology.

The technical age encourages us to assume that all our networking is online, but the value of meeting and talking to people face to face can be underestimated. If Sam had a conference call to London, would she have had chance to share the experience? Attending London allowed Sam to meet lots of people and share matters that were not on the agenda, understand people in a whole different way.

We love technology, it makes our lives easier, allows us to achieve things we otherwise could not but maybe now is the time to undertake a “digital detox” then re-evaluate what we use and when. Maybe phone free evenings would be good for all of us, and next time you are in a meeting try giving the person your full attention and turn the phone off or leave it in the bag.


Creative thinking demands your attention on the situation, so time to enable us to think differently is crucial to your business and all our lives.