Walk the walk - Zamu

Walk the walk

Talk the talk

Zamu attended a net-walking event organised by Cornish partnerships and it got us thinking about networking as a business tool.

Netwalking yes you heard it correctly! You could be dubious about discussing business issues, aspirations or solving problems in the Forrest or on the beach with dogs running around your legs.

Well I went Netwalking and it works. One your exercising your limbs and brain, two you’re in an environment that is neutral and engaging. You are walking so it changes. Even when you turn around and walk back the perspective changes and you see new things.

Changing your walking partner throughout the walk and having a theme to discuss was great it helped meeting new people and the conversation flow.

I met a tea supplier (a French lady who lived in Taiwan but was born in Cornwall!), social media strategist, , event coordinator, Adventurer, Substance abuse counsellor, a Cornish Food Supplier and many more…

I won’t say in this blog what we talked about its confidential and I don’t want to mention anyone by name as it could breach GDPR! You can see them in the photo above. I am the one in the all-terrain big wheeled green thing.

This adventure in Networking got me to thinking. Anyone can network but some people get it so wrong. Networking for me is about being genuine, authentic, having a genuine conversation which is of benefit to both people,  what the other persons interests and skills are and sharing yours.

Networking for me is a pleasure not a chore. I like helping people and without any direct reward. What goes around comes around is something I believe in. If you do something that’s selfless people will do the same for you. People are reciprocal. Co-Creation, working collaboratively, associating ideas are ways I like to work and it all starts with networking – building a relationship that is formed on shared values and trust.

If someone asks you to connect on Linked in and as soon as you accept they message you with a pre formed template seeking to sell you stuff you know you probably wont interact or collaborate because they are not using it  to network they are using it to sell and setting out what’s important to them. I will let you all think about that.