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What Accounting Software?

Change, Technology and the Digital World “The Cloud”

Adapting and agile working.

Many clients are hearing about cloud accounting and asking questions about what, how, why, and how much.

There are many cloud accounting solutions. FreeA-gent, Xero and Kashflow are a few that Zamu advise on.

First consider why switch at all? Cloud has the advantage of being available on many devices – desktop, tablet and phone.

“I use my phone for talking to people and I have spreadsheets on my computer – I don’t need it”

Software can give you up to date information, protect you against future digitisation from HMRC and support your business going forward. Save time and upload your bank statements to achieve bank reconciliation (automatically from your bank). The software learns and saves double key-ing of data.

You can offer to be paid on-line through a link on your invoices, thus improving cash-flow. You can send client in-voices before you leave the premises from a tablet!

“I have made a decision I need cloud accounting, now what?”

You have to choose the right software and you or your staff need to know how to use it (training) to be compliant and of benefit. At Zamu we advise and support clients with this transition. We also assist with regular review to ensure it meets your needs as time goes on and your business changes.

Setting up correctly and having the correct data in your system is a key requirement. Start your journey in the right way.

In summary, these products are another tool they will be better in some businesses than others but the pace of technological change is increasing and burying your head in the sand is not an option. A business which adapts to the digital age will survive in the long term.

Pricing varies depending on many variables from £7 per month to £45 per month plus a charge for additional users scalable up to 200 employees.