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Family a training ground for good leaders?

A new approach to Leadership Training

I received a picture from my wife recently of my two daughters (below). 

I’m a proud Dad. They are lovely young ladies. I mean this from a personality and social environment consideration. They respect others, are motivated and think for themselves. I have hopefully taught them how to be responsibly disobedient. They ask questions and don’t always do what I say. I’m fine with that because I understand they accept our authority as parents “willingly and for the most part with enthusiasm”. I base my understanding on their conduct, the input and leadership of their mother (mostly) and also in part me. 

The perception of me by my daughters is important and I should be aware of it as the old guy in the family who makes some of the important decisions.

Most leadership training is based on training leaders in so called ‘qualities’ that are based on wishful thinking or a delusion that the manager or leader wants and these will commonly be a waste of time. 

Even when the training is based on improving a managers interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence or techniques for empowering team members, the approach is often less effective than it could be. 

If, however, you start from the premise that leadership exists in the minds of the team members then the first thing you need to find out is “what is in their minds” or more precisely “why do team members accept the authority of their manager”. Once a manager knows how their team perceives them and understands the nature of their own authority, they are then highly motivated to learn from any leadership training. Understanding how others see us is a great motivator.

If a team accepts their mangers authority ‘willingly and with enthusiasm’ then the manager is perceived as having ‘leadership’. If the manager is perceived as having ‘leadership’ then the manager is more likely to have a motivated and engaged team. In such a social environment the manager is more likely to bring in innovation, change and improvement with the minimum of resistance. An outcome that should then please both the manager, their senior managers and their followers.

At Zamu we have an enterprise analysis tool on Leadership Unlike our other analysis tools this is a survey. It identifies a team’s perception of the nature of their managers authority (its anonymous). 60 forms of authority are reviewed and described under 12 headings. 

How others see us is a great motivator for change. This survey is an ideal coaching or training instrument for your management and Executives.