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Banking On SWIG

Funding at start up or growth can be necessary but perhaps complex.

We look here at what Sam and Kirsty have been doing to help make things simpler for businesses.

Kirsty and Sam recently met with SWIG to review how their offering can assist clients with their business growth. South West Investment Group (SWIG) have been supporting business development for over 30 years with appropriate funding. They mostly assist in situations where the bank consider that you don’t meet their criteria. Zamu wanted to understand how they work in detail so when Zamu put together a funding application we can make the process as simple and effective as possible.

A couple of high street banks have an interesting offer.

Bank account holders can have a free licence to use FreeAgent software. As FreeAgent “experts” Zamu have been using this software for over 8 years and realise how for many clients it is great simplicity for accounts and your accountant can have access to support your business. New businesses can have 18 months free banking, but existing business of course will incur bank fees. Any business looking to borrow in excess of £35,000 or turning over in excess of £400,000 and looking to grow will benefit from having a named experienced relationship manager.

The other offer some clients are utilising is becoming members of the FSB and then utilising free banking. This keeps costs down especially for new start-ups and many find other benefits useful. The only comment Zamu has to say is that the free banking has no automatic bank integration for software.