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Work Life Balance

Making the right decisions in Life & Business.

A client who has been self-employed for a number of years identified a need to change due the nature of their work putting a strain on physical health. Decisions were made to move to a new county for a better work life balance.

The client was instantly accepted by business people, networking, that could support.

A confident, driven person, focused on a future, they found a lot of people offering help, support and guidance at a cost. Even if the support was free there was a lost opportunity cost and the client unfortunately in this instance found no reward and the business was no further forward.

This experience sadly changed the clients mind set. Confidence was lost and who to trust and what is the right decision to move the business forward a question at the forefront of their mind.

The client has worked with one or two support programs to tell her that she should just keep doing what she’s doing despite the health issues that it could cause.

In meeting Zamu, the client encountered a different way of thinking. Genuine care, passion and drive. Results driven with implications of all ideas and actions discussed allowing the business owner to enter into something prepared for and eyes wide open. 

Support has come even just something as simple as attending a Brand packaging workshop with the client “The exciting journey has now started at a realistic pace”. Confidence is growing, and this is really happening. The client is back in control! 

Lesson’s from this is do your homework! Evaluate everything to make informed decisions. Finally, Free may have a cost!